Our dogs and puppies are fed on a diet of bones and raw food (BARF)  The  usual diet of the adult dogs consists of a chicken frame in the morning and commercial BARF in the evenings.    The commercial BARF consists of raw meat, bone meal, green vegetables, flax meal, egg yolks and other natural ingredients.
The dogs digestive system is much more suited to this diet and it keeps them well maintained and always in very good health, with clear eyes and shiny coats.
We wean our puppies on the BARF and it helps them to  grow at a natural rate without any growth spurts that can put stress on growing bones.
We never feed our dogs any biscuits or canned food and totally avoid any foods that are processed.     It has been fairly well documented that these foods can be toxic to dogs and cause all kinds of diseases as well as more  simple complications like skin problems and stomach upsets.
The best thing is there is no smell associated with the BARF and it is easy to clean up after the dogs.
You don't have to buy the commercial BARF but it is handy if you have a busy lifestyle.   Otherwise it can simply be made in the home using the ingredients mentioned above.